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Stellar Organics No Added Sulpur Merlot

A smooth Merlot, with aromas of plums and red cherries on the nose. Leaves a lingering finish with aromas of redcurrant and a hint of pepper. Great with barbecue meat and sheperd\'s pie.

Price Per Bottle
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Product Summary

  • Grape VarietyMerlot
  • ABV13.5%
  • StyleSulphur Free
  • Year2015
  • CountrySouth Africa
  • RegionWestern Cape
  • Brand41
  • TypeRed Wines

Product Overview

  • No Added Sulphar
  • Organic
  • Fairtrade
  • Vegetarian - Vegan friendly

More Information

What is a no added sulphur wine? Sulphur dioxide is one of the oldest known food additives and has been used in wine since ancient times when sulphur was burnt before sealing the wine in the barrels. It also develops naturally in wine as part of the fermentation process. What is Organic? Organic refers to a system of farming that maintains and replenishes the fertility of the soil. The grapes are grown without the use of chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers. Only compost and organic materials are used, with indigenous vegetation for mulching. Weeds and pests are controlled using environmentally sound practices that sustain the health of our planet and ultimately our own well-being. In the cellar the maximum allowable quantity of sulphur dioxide is half that of the maximum permitted for conventional wines and certain chemicals are forbidden. However it is also added as a preservative to prevent oxidation of the wine and at the grape-crushing stage as a cleansing agent to kill unwanted bacteria and wild yeasts. We feel wine made without the addition of sulphur offer a great point of difference; the flavours are cleaner and more “transparent”. In red wines the colours are often better as SO2 can bleach colour.

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