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Pfaffenheim Alsace Reisling

Dry and refined Riesling exhales a sophisticated bouquet with mineral (flint stone), floral and delicate fruit nuances evoking citrus, pine sap and cinnamon notes. Its pale yellow color is at once brilliant and limpid. Its refined nose, offering good freshness and elegant finesse is lively with plenty of personality. Floral aromas come to the fore with some citrus notes. The attack on the palate is refined. However, the frank acidity remains elegant and subtle. This is a strong wine with good balance and heaps of volume. Lemon and lime are expressive on the palate with lots of amplitude and good length. This is a rich wine with character. It has great ageing potential and admirably expresses its terroir of origin on the finish (vivacious limestone).

Price Per Bottle

Product Summary

  • Grape VarietyReisling
  • ABV12.5%
  • StyleTraditional Wines
  • Year2014
  • CountryFrance
  • RegionAlsace
  • Brand41
  • TypeWhite Wines

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