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Hapsburg Absinthe Classic 50cl

Absinthe is an aromatic, dry and highly alcoholic herbal spirit. It contains anis (Liquorice flavour) and the notorious wormwood plant (Artemisa) as well as optional various other aromatic components, such as peppermint, cloves, cinnamon, (the juice of spinach, nettles and parsley are also sometimes used.) Historically it was widely regarded as a "very dangerous drink" and is still banned in many countries! Turn-of-the-century Absinthe was fiercely potent stuff... The constituent herbs are macerated for about 8-10 days in alcohol and then distilled, the result being an emerald coloured spirit.

Price Per Bottle

Product Summary

  • ABV72.5%
  • StyleSpeciality Spirits

Product Overview

  • Handle with extreme caution

More Information

Historically, many believed that 'a spirit' lived within the Absinthe which is released with the opening of a new bottle! Some artists even claimed they created their art dazzled with a 'jade vision' inspired by Absinthe... At the turn of the 19th Century, there was much hysterical press and allegedly serious articles and books on the subject... Quoting from: "The Beverages we drink" by W.N.Edwards, F.C.S (1898) "The seat of the manufacture of this dangerous beverage is in the canton of Neufchatel... It is largely used in France and America, and its use is growing in England... Absinthe drinking has a most deleterious effect on the nervous system, and regular tippling utterly deranges the digestive system, weakens the frame, includes horrible dreams, and may end in idiocy or paralysis. ! ! !" The Bohemian artist set made Absinthe even more notorious, with their indulgences, by the likes of Toulouse-Lautrec, Hemmingway, Oscar Wilde etc who drank it; and it was the cause, some say, of Van Gogh cutting off his ear! Resulting on 4th March 1915 - Article 367 of the French Legal Code which banned Absinthe completely in France

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