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Appassimento Casa Vinironia - Veneto

Produced in the Veneto using the 'appassimento' method used in the production of Amarone wines, the geographic patchwork of grapes involved here is Negroamaro (50%), Merlot (20%), Primitivo (20%) and Malvasia nera (10%),
The grapes are left longer on the vine than is usual for 'standard' table wines to elevate and concentrate the levels of natural sugars and they then undergo a period of natural drying so that they become 'uve passite' ... grapes on their way to being raisins.
The resultant wine is concentrated, enormously fruity with a pleasingly strong backbone of tannins and acidity at a pleasing level, just right to balance the rich, plummy fruit flavours here present.

Price Per Bottle
£16.00 NOW £11.00
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Product Summary

  • Grape Variety Negroamaro
    Malvasia Nera
  • ABV14.5%
  • StyleTraditional Wines
  • Year2016
  • CountryItaly
  • RegionVeneto
  • TypeRed Wines

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