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Master's Pink London Dry Gin

From the award winning Destilerias MG, Masterís are proud to introduce their first ever pink gin. Clean and bright in colour, this gin has an intense aroma of natural strawberry and raspberry, with a subtle citrus note. The palate is fresh and pleasant with a sweet strawberry and raspberry flavour. An absolute must try for any gin lovers or those who enjoy fruity spirits.

Masterís Selection is the result of tri-distillation of grain alcohol in the presence of fruit from various exotic aromatic plants. It was created in 1982 as a revolutionary gin on the market. The liquid has always been distilled using the best methods and the best botanical ingredients. The family-owned distillery is incredibly proud of their creation and keep their family symbol, the lion, on the striking pink bottle.

Price Per Bottle

Product Summary

  • StyleSpeciality Spirits
  • CountryEngland
  • TypePremium Gin

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